How to Choose Coding and Marking Equipment in the Pipe Industry?

July 1, 2022
Latest company news about How to Choose Coding and Marking Equipment in the Pipe Industry?

1. Analysis of the current coding and packaging forms in the pipe industry:


a. The pipe industry generally sprays the company name, the number of meters, the product model and other information on the pipe every one meter;


b, Generally, it is wound into a roll every 100 meters, wrapped in plastic on the outside, and then affixed with a label; or customized according to customer needs.


2. What is the pain point of the pipe industry for inkjet marking?


a. The performance of machine must be stable and suitable for long-term production. Generally, before the official production, the machine of the pipe production line will generally be preheated for 30 minutes, and then start feeding. If the machine is stopped during the production process, it will generally lose a lot. Because there is no spray-coded pipe, if there is no customer request, it is waste. The pipe factory needs to smash the waste product and put it into production again, and it also needs to reduce the sales by at least one grade. This wastes materials, wastes labor, wastes electricity. And the most important thing is to lower the grade of sales.


b. The cost of consumables is saved, and the maintenance cost is low. The pipe industry is a low-profit industry: raw materials and labor account for most of the cost, plus the price of various raw materials fluctuates greatly, plus the impact of the current epidemic, plus low technical content, fierce competition, etc. These factors determine that the industry is very concerned about cost. If it saves consumables and maintenance costs compared to similar machines, then it has a very big advantage when competing.


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3. How to choose coding and marking equipment in the pipe industry?


a. Small character inkjet printer: At present, most pipe manufacturers use small character black ink inkjet printer to spray pipes; a small number of small character white ink machine or yellow ink machine.


b. Laser marking machine: Some pipe industries will use laser machine for coding. However, after some pipes are sprayed on, the code will not be clear or disappear over time.


4. The key nodes that the pipe industry should pay attention to when selecting marking equipment.


a. Consumables saving---more affordable: some brands adopt the sales method of low machine price but increase the consumables, which attracts some pipe factories with limited budget, but as the years of use increase, the overall cost is often higher. In this way, if the price of the machine is reasonable and the consumption of consumables per hour is less, the competition will have an inherent advantage and a solid reputation.


b. Special machine for pipes, the machine is solid--more professional and more reliable: the nature of the pipe industry determines that the machine cannot be shut down casually. Moreover, the general environment of the pipe factory is not very good, the dust is large, the temperature is very high, and it may be possible in summer, etc. These factors determine that the machine must be solid, otherwise, it will not be able to be used at all. The professional pipe machine sold by some coding companies is a very good choice.


c. Complete qualifications, compliance and legality---more peace of mind: Pipes are also an industry that safety supervision focuses on, and safety production is the first element. If you buy consumables that do not meet the requirements of safety supervision in order to save a little money, then it is very much worth the loss.


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