Three Advantages of UV Laser Printer

October 27, 2022
Latest company news about Three Advantages of UV Laser Printer

In recent years, UV laser marking machine have frequently appeared in major production enterprises, and with their unique advantages, they have won the favor of more and more manufacturing business owners. So, why has the UV laser printer become the choice of the owners of various manufacturing enterprises? Today, I will interpret the three dazzling characteristics of UV laser machine from various aspects.


1. Cold working.


Ultraviolet laser processing technology is the characteristics of the interaction between the laser beam and the material to cut, weld, surface treatment, punch and micro-machining materials (metals and non-metals).


Because it is not thermal ablation, but cold peeling that does not produce "thermal damage" side effects and breaks chemical bonds, it does not produce heating or thermal deformation on the surface of the processed material. This characteristic of almost no damage to the material makes the application range of UV laser coding machine wider than that of fiber laser printers and CO2 laser printers. The coding work on thin and light materials is its strength.


2. The coding is more precise.


Among the laser printers, the wavelength of the UV laser printer is 355nm, and the wavelength of the fiber laser printer is 1064nm. Compared with fiber laser printers and CO2 laser printers, UV laser printers have a shorter wavelength.


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Compared with the long-wavelength laser, the short-wavelength laser can obtain a smaller focused spot, and can perform very fine processing that is difficult to achieve in ordinary processing. Due to the short wavelength, small focusable spot, small heat-affected area, flexible and convenient processing, etc., ultraviolet laser is widely used in fine processing.


3. No consumables, low cost, no pollution.


Before the advent of laser inkjet printers, the traditional coding methods used ink jetting, which resulted in a large amount of ink consumables and a high cost of marking and coding. With the popularity of online laser printers, the inkjet printers used in many industries have been gradually updated to laser printers.


The UV laser coding equipment uses the principle of breaking the chemical bond of the material by the UV laser beam for marking, so no consumables are produced in the daily operation, which greatly reduces the coding cost of the enterprise. The non-toxic and non-polluting characteristics of UV laser coding also make it favored by many companies today, which pays more and more attention to environmental protection.


The numbers and QR code information inside the beverage bottles we have seen are all works of UV laser printers, which also confirms its non-toxic and non-polluting characteristics. Of course, the advantages of UV laser marker include flexible installation, simple and easy operation, modular structure for easy maintenance and maintenance, and a wide range of applications.


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