How to Do Inkjet Printer Maintenance in Summer

June 8, 2022
Latest company case about How to Do Inkjet Printer Maintenance in Summer

In fact, summer is also the season when more printer failures occur, and it is the peak period for printer maintenance. In order not to lose the opportunity, how to do the maintenance of the inkjet printer in summer, today I will help you to preview the relevant knowledge points, help you make better use of the machine in your hand, and reduce the failure rate of the machine and equipment.


With the soaring temperature in summer, we need to take corresponding measures, such as placing the machine in a relatively ventilated place for coding and marking work, in addition to noticing that the high temperature of the environment around the equipment will cause the machine to heat up.


Generally, the influence of temperature on the printer will continue with the arrival of the fierce summer. Most of the machines have faults and the solutions are as follows:


If the nozzle of the inkjet printer is slightly blocked before or during use, we need to deal with it in time. There are many ways to cause blockage, and the corresponding solutions should be carried out according to different situations. Once the nozzle is found to be slightly clogged during the coding process, such as blurred ink dots, etc., stop the coding work first, clean the nozzle, and then continue to work after seeing the effect. In addition, it is also necessary to carefully check the reasons for the nozzle blockage of the printer. There may be a problem with the ink of the printer. Then it is necessary to find out whether the ink is selected correctly, so it is still very important to prescribe the right medicine. The following is the treatment method for non-ink reasons:


1. Regularly maintain the printer and replace the filter.


2. The working environment should be kept as clean as possible with less dust.


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3. When the machine is turned off, the nozzle part is cleaned with cleaning fluid.


4. Assuming that the nozzle of the printer has been blocked, it is recommended to remove it for cleaning (usually using ultrasonic waves). If it has not been removed, it is recommended to find a professional, or operate under the guidance of a professional, which can effectively avoid damage to the nozzle sheet caused by improper operation.


Of course, preventive action is a good solution to the problem. If you want the inkjet printer to work stably and keep the printing effect in the best state, then maintain it according to the normal maintenance method, and perform a simple cleaning before switching on and off the machine every day. Simply flushing the nozzles, ink pipes, and switching valves of the printer with a special cleaning solution will have a good impact on the subsequent efficient work.


It is found that the ink viscosity of the inkjet printer is too low before use or the ink viscosity of the inkjet printer is too low during use. At this time, the ink is too thin. On the one hand, the inkjet speed is fast, which may cause poor printing effect. The handwriting is blurred and the adhesion ability is reduced. At this time, it is necessary to increase the amount of solvent appropriately. And it is also necessary to know whether the original ink and solvent are used, and even the adhesion of the material of the printed product. If the adhesion of the product is relatively poor, then choose the ink with high adhesion.


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