How to Use Laser Printer and Matters Needing Attention

May 19, 2022
Latest company case about How to Use Laser Printer and Matters Needing Attention

Laser printer is a new type of coding equipment. Unlike traditional inkjet printers, laser printers vaporize the surface material of the marked object through laser burning and etching, and pass the laser beam. And through the displacement of the laser beam to etch out patterns and text, which is widely used and has better printing effect. The use of laser printers needs to cooperate with the computer, edit the content of the code through the supporting software, and then use the laser head to align the code. Be careful not to let the laser irradiate the body or look directly at the laser, and pay attention to the daily maintenance of the equipment.


How does the laser coding machine work?


Laser coding machine is a coding equipment that uses laser, computer host, internal control, and external induction lamps to perform a series of work modulations, strengthen and heat treatment technology on the surface of the product, and achieve the purpose of permanent marking, anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling.


The working principle of the laser coding machine is: the laser is concentrated on the surface of the marked object with a very high energy density, and the material on the surface is vaporized by burning and etching, and by controlling the effective displacement of the laser beam, the pattern or text can be accurately engraved. Laser coding machine can design graphics through computer, easy to operate, suitable for marking a variety of different packaging surfaces, and the printed logo will not fall off due to high temperature, high humidity or solvent wiping, with stronger anti-counterfeiting performance, widely used in beverages, clothing, electronics, automobiles and other fields.


How to use the laser printer.


Laser coding does not need to use consumables such as ink, so it is cheaper than ink jet printers and has better coding effect. So how to use laser printers?


1. Turn on the power of the computer host and the laser printer, and open the software matching the laser printer on the computer desktop.


2. Enter the software interface, find the operation area, write the content that you want to code in the content editing area, and adjust the font and size.


3. Operate the laser printer and adjust the position of the laser and the height of the sensor.


4. Turn on the power switch of the assembly line, adjust the speed to an appropriate speed, and pay attention to adjusting the spacing between the cardboards to ensure that the product will not shift during printing, and the laser printer can start the coding operation.


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Precautions for the use of laser marking machine.


The laser printer is easy to use, but it uses a laser to work. If the laser is irradiated on the body improperly, it will cause certain damage to the body, so pay attention to the safe use of the laser printer.


1. The operator shall not open the cover or remove any parts when the printer is emitting or about to emit laser.


2. Do not expose the head or any part of the body to the laser work area during operation.


3. It is strictly forbidden to look directly at the laser when the machine is turned on to avoid injury.


4. It is strictly forbidden to keep inflammable and explosive materials such as alcohol, gasoline and thinners close to the laser printer.


5. Regularly maintain the cooling system of the laser coder to remove the residues on the fan pages. Regularly clean and maintain the optical lenses (beam expanders and lenses) with high-quality lens tissue or cotton balls moistened with anhydrous alcohol.


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