Application of CYCJET UV Laser Marking Machine on PE Food Plastic Packaging Bags

February 9, 2022
Latest company news about Application of CYCJET UV Laser Marking Machine on PE Food Plastic Packaging Bags

In recent years, with the occurrence of a series of food safety incidents, food safety issues have attracted more and more attention. There are many reasons for food safety problems. Some of them are caused by ink printing on food packaging. This will not only cause pollution and endanger people’s health, but it will also lead to the problem of counterfeiting because of easy alteration.


In response to the above problems, more and more food manufacturers have begun to use laser coding technology to replace traditional ink coding on packaging bags. The use of lasers to mark food packaging bags is not only fast and clear, but also the marking information is permanently indelible, completely eliminating the hidden danger of artificially altering the identification information, and undoubtedly adding another layer of protection to food safety.


With the gradual strengthening of the country’s supervision of food and medicines and the gradual implementation of the product traceability of “one item one code”, the marking method of packaging bags will undergo great changes. For those devices that are easy to modify, cannot achieve QR code marking, are not environmentally friendly, they will gradually withdraw from the stage of history, and laser marking machines will become the mainstream equipment in the sign industry.


Due to the particularity of packaging materials, there are very few lasers marking equipment suitable for this field. Plastic packaging bags are generally composite films, which are a combination of multiple single-layer films, such as PP, PE, etc. For marking the production date and QR code on this composite film, the most basic requirements are as follows:


1. The printing effect must be clear and cannot be punched through or leaked;


2. Need to control the heat to prevent the separation and blistering of the film, the surface of the film must be smooth after marking;


3. Need to ensure the strength and cannot be damaged during the extrusion process;


This requires us to strictly control the heat of the laser. However, the fiber laser and CO2 laser cannot meet this type of application. The most suitable for the field of plastic packaging bags is the UV laser marking machine. Because the wavelength of ultraviolet is short-wave, it will not produce much thermal effect on the material. Especially for some materials that are sensitive to heat, the use of the UV laser marking machine can avoid the scorching and ablation of the marking edge.


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Recommended equipment: CYCJET UV laser marking machine


1. The UV flying laser marking machine adopts imported laser, which has high marking speed and can carry out high-speed online marking, realizes 24 hours uninterrupted operation, and is suitable for high-speed production lines.


2. The fly laser printer adopts a high-speed and high-precision galvanometer scanning system with uniform light spot, high marking accuracy, permanent, and beautiful high-quality marking effect.


3. The UV laser coding machine has a high energy conversion rate, low energy consumption, and long service life. It can guarantee the long-term stability of the light in harsh environments, and the life span can exceed 20,000 hours.


4. The laser marking machine can not only be used as a stand-alone machine but also can be used with the production line for online marking. There are special brackets that can be easily installed on the assembly line and can be easily adjusted back and forth, up and down, with a flexible mechanism and simple operation.


5. The UV laser marker has a very narrow pulse width, and its thermal effect is one-tenth of that of a fiber laser. It is a cold laser and is the most suitable for marking materials that are sensitive to heat.


6. The UV laser marking machine has a wide range of applications and can be suitable for marking in a variety of industries, including food and beverages industries, medical industries, automotive industries, 3C industries, daily chemical industries, tobacco industries, packaging industries, cable and pipe industries, etc.


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