The Laser Marking Printer Makes the Anti-Counterfeiting Effect of Medicine More Advantageous

May 12, 2022
Latest company news about The Laser Marking Printer Makes the Anti-Counterfeiting Effect of Medicine More Advantageous

A drug is a special product that is developed by consuming a lot of energy, equipment, time, manpower and material resources, which means that it requires a huge investment in the early stage and is approved for production and marketing after clinical verification. The rigid demand of society leads to the continuous expansion of the drug market, but what follows is the frequent occurrence of drug safety problems has always affected people's nerves.


The rapid development of the Internet has brought a lot of convenience to life, and it is also an important technical means for drug safety. The information of laser marking is clear and intuitive, has strong corrosion resistance, and is not easy to be tampered with and erased, which ensures the anti-counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products and effectively solves the problems caused by unclear identification. When laser technology meets Internet+, big data is used as an important technical support to improve the safety of medicines, and the safety performance of medicines is further guaranteed. And the use of laser printers can improve the image of the product and the management of consistent logos, establish a more recognizable image and beautify the surface of the product, which is conducive to improving the sales of the product in the market.


The concepts of environmental protection and green production have been advocated by all walks of life for a long time. It has to be said that Yuchang laser printers are very advantageous in this regard. There is no need to clean the nozzles and frequently replace consumable parts, which is more environmentally friendly than using ink, but also greatly save operating costs. Although compared with traditional manual inkjet printers, laser marking printers are more expensive. However, at present, laser marking machine have been gradually popularized in pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics and other industries to further protect product information and protect the interests of consumers.


Laser technology is the key to how to achieve the safety of drugs, and the application of laser marking in the pharmaceutical labeling industry has been widely popularized. Its non-contact and pollution-free marking method meets the requirements of the safety and hygiene of pharmaceutical products. The information marked by the laser coding technology can ensure the anti-counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products and make consumers feel more at ease, which undoubtedly adds a layer of "insurance" to the safety of medicines.


With the information of drug labels, the production, circulation and use information of drugs can be inquired through Internet technology. Make up for the shortcomings of the pharmaceutical distribution industry in the field of providing public goods and services. Such as the quality safety of the circulation link, the supply of rural and remote areas, the supply of low-priced medicines and small varieties, the reserve of emergency medicines for disaster prevention and epidemic prevention, and the improvement of pharmaceutical service capabilities. The application of laser marking technology has become more and more extensive with the application of traceability, and the market space is huge. Application of laser marking on various types of packaging:


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1. Flexible material.


Laser marking systems can be used to mark a variety of blister closure materials. A properly installed laser marking system can easily print high-quality codes for multiple packaging lines.


2. Medicine bottle.


Laser marking is an effective way to directly create permanent marks on the surface of a bottle or cap. Laser marking technology uses a small mirror or galvanometer to direct a laser beam, and the ink surface layer on the label can be engraved or ablated directly on the plastic bottle.


3. Label.


Laser markers can be used to ablate specially pre-printed "logo windows" on labels, providing clear coding while reducing operating costs by reducing consumables required.


4. Packing box.


Laser marking on pharmaceutical packaging is a simple method to complete logo text, QR code, production date, barcode, image and LOGO by high speed with almost no consumables. Laser marking machine create fully permanent codes and can mark multiple adjacent products during the move.


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