How to Choose the Laser Printer According to the Packaging Material

May 17, 2022
Latest company news about How to Choose the Laser Printer According to the Packaging Material

With the development of the economy, the development of the inkjet printer industry is getting better and better. I believe that everyone is very familiar with the inkjet markings on the packaging of various products. But I don't know if you have noticed that different products, different materials, and various products in different industries have different coding marks. Some are dotted with small characters, and some have obvious bumps. In fact, these are the coding effects of different inkjet printers.


These are the reasons why manufacturers choose different inkjet printers according to their own product packaging. The effects of different materials are very different. Let's analyze what types of products and materials are suitable for laser printers and inkjet printers.


Laser printer.


Now the market share of laser printers is getting higher and higher. There are three types of laser printers: UV laser printers, fiber laser printers, and CO2 laser printers. In fact, the types of materials that laser printers are suitable for coding are very wide, but these three laser printers have their own best areas.


1.UV laser printer.


UV laser printer belongs to "cold processing", which is special in laser marking processing because it is not thermal ablation, but cold peeling that does not produce "thermal damage" side effects and breaks chemical bonds. There is no heating or thermal deformation on the surface of the material. The resulting material has smooth edges and minimal carbonization.


This characteristic of almost no damage to the material makes the application range of UV laser printers wider than fiber laser printers and CO2 laser printers. It is very suitable for ultra-fine coding, especially for food, medical industry, skin care products and other industries. Because there is no "thermal damage", it also works very well on thin and light materials.


2. Fiber laser printer.


Fiber laser inkjet printer is a marking equipment that hits a laser beam on the surface of various materials, and can make physical or chemical changes in the surface material through light, thereby engraving permanent signs such as patterns, trademarks and words.


Its biggest feature is that it is suitable for most metal materials and some non-metal materials. If your product packaging is made of metal, fiber laser printers are the best choice.


3. CO2 laser printer.


A carbon dioxide laser is a molecular laser. The main substance is the carbon dioxide molecule, which can exhibit various energy states depending on its vibration and rotation. The CO2 laser printer produces a contact reaction between CO2 molecules and the product medium to form a permanent mark on the product surface.


I believe that everyone has noticed the spray code on the mineral water bottle or edible oil bottle. The coding of the CO2 laser printer belongs to "thermal processing", so its coding is the texture that is rich in concave and convex. The coding effect of CO2 laser printer on wood, carton, leather, beverage bottle and other materials is very good.


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The three laser printers mentioned above have the characteristics of exquisite coding effect, environmental protection and no consumables. Under the background of global advocacy of environmental protection and people's love for exquisite product packaging, the market share of laser printers is also increasing.


Inkjet Printer.


As the name suggests, ink jet printers need ink as consumables. Its working principle is that under the action of pressure, the ink enters the spray gun, and the spray gun is equipped with a crystal oscillator. Through vibration, the ink is ejected to form a fixed interval point. Through the processing and phase tracking of the CPU, some ink dots through the charging electrode are charged with different electric nuclei and different offsets occur under the high-voltage magnetic field of several thousand volts, and the flying nozzle falls on the surface of the moving product to form a dot matrix, thereby forming characters, numbers or graphics.


Because the ink jet printer has no damage to the packaging material, it can be used in a wider range and has fewer limitations. However, because it is encoded by ink, its inkjet code cannot be tampered with or erased like a laser printer; it is not as good as a laser printer in terms of the beauty and fineness of the inkjet code. But in general, the price of ink jet printers is significantly more favorable than laser printers.


Inkjet printers are divided into small character inkjet printers, UV inkjet printers, large character inkjet printers, handheld inkjet printers, etc. Enterprises can choose suitable products according to your own production line needs.


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